OUR space, gives YOU more space!
 OUR space, gives YOU more space!


Our wooded storage containers are situated inside our premises and have a 7 cubic meter storage capacity. They are perfect for storing all items, except those taller or longer than 2 meters.

Pricing for the rental of our containers is as follows:


1 x container = 48€** TTC per month

2 x containers = 84€ TTC per month

3 x containers = 114€ TTC per month

Additional containers = 30€ TTC per month


** minimum rental of 1 container for 1 month



How to contact us....

SAS Stockloc

16 route Prat Beziaou


Castelnau Magnoac



Email: stockloc@orange.fr

Telephone : +33 (0)5 62 39 19 89


Discounts available for long-term contracts! Contact us for more details